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about allthegoodness.com

The website of Mark Zeman & Katie McAlpine. The domain name is inspired by Barnaby Weir's (thanks you talented little f**ker!) big fat fabulous lyrics for "All the Goodness" by the Dub Connection which won Best Unreleased Song at the 2000 b.net awards. Everyone is still waiting for the first album release by the Dub Connection but check out some of Barnaby's other fine projects in the mean time, The Blackseeds & Flash Harry.

about mark & katie

Mark Zeman
Mark is currently a Lecturer in Digital Media at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. See video and interactive work from my Digital Media graduates at Exposure.

Before joining Massey Mark was a Director, Designer and Lead Developer at Morse Media which he founded in 1996 with Aaron Dustin.

For more details view my portfolio.

Katherine McAlpine
Katherine is still contemplating what to write about herself. Mark thinks she's very cute, a great friend to her loved ones and an amazing mother!

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Big thanks to Scott who let me play with his pixietwin.com source code. It may even become an open source project one day.

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